Why I love Thursdays

I don’t work on Thursdays and most of them are spent with my mamma and papa’. I take one or both of them to the local shops to buy fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese and then mamma makes a beautiful lunch which we share. It is not terribly fancy but always delicious. A few weeks ago, she told me that after several months of not making it, she had made her meat sugo (sauce). This is no ordinary sugo. It has developed over 60 years of her cooking it, slightly changing ingredients and the method over time.

Pasta con sugo

It takes several hours to cook and the secret is not only in the types of meat, but also its marinade, the order of adding the ingredients and the hours of slow cooking. The family all love her sugo. Now that the grand children are adults, she sometimes makes extra so that they can enjoy it in their own homes, even the one who lives in Sydney who took some home on the plane last week! So that Thursday I had pasta with sugo, topped with freshly grated Grana Padano (type of parmigiano). Buonissimo! This is why I love Thursdays.

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