Growing garlic in a green and gold planter box

My first post on this blog was about growing garlic on my terrace. This year’s garlic crop has moved to a green and gold planter box in my tiny courtyard.

Green and gold planter box

Mark has been working on the courtyard for a few months – it measures approximately 90cm by 300cm. Not a lot of space but now that it is paved with recycled bricks and some shelves have been put up, I will be filling it with herbs and other small edible plants that will fit either in some colorful milk crates or on the narrow shelves that have been built. It is more protected than the very sunny terrace and it will hopefully allow edible plants to thrive. I am excited about finally putting the minimal space of the courtyard to good use!

Garlic and tuscan cabbage, just sprouted

In the meantime, the garlic, which I planted 3 weeks ago, is doing very nicely. 12 of the 13 cloves I planted have sprouted – maybe the 13th one just didn’t like being number 13 so refused to grow. The Tuscan cabbage (cavolo nero) I planted in the planter box next to the garlic has also sprouted. The worm castings solution from the worm farm that lives in the garage is clearly doing its job and giving the garlic and cabbage all the right nutrients to thrive.

The colours of the planter box – again made of recycled wood – are the green and gold of Australian sporting teams that play internationally. That is not a deliberate patriotic move…. I wanted bright colours and this is what paint we had in the garage. However it coincidentally fits in with the up and coming July 2012 Olympic games so maybe I was being subliminally patriotic.

I am hoping I have inherited some of my late father’s and his ancestors gardening prowess and that the courtyard will flourish to become a wall of green by summer at the end of the year. Right now I am enjoying looking at the green and gold box and the patterned pavement bricks as I type.

Recycled bricks in the courtyard

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