26 July 2015 , Sun Herald newspaper Weekend liftout “Top tips – how to be an Instagram superstar

22 May 2105, Italianicious Magazine, news: Food blogger Paola Bacchia to speak at special Co.As.It event

8 April 2015, Eating Europe Tours blogger of the month: My recipe for beer and butter torcetti;

23 January 2015, ITALY Magazine: My recipe for frittole triestine;

23 January 2015, ITALY Magazine: Featured blogger interview;

9 May 2014, Savoring Italy: My recipe for insalata di capesante e asparagi (asparagus and scallop salad);

9 May 2014, Savoring Italy: “Due parole con Paola” Podcast

2 comments on “Press

  1. Love this blog.
    My name is Rita Simonetta and I’m the Toronto (Canada) editor of a magazine called Panoram Italia magazine. The magazine also has a Montreal edition.
    I am working on a story about Italian-Australians and I’m hoping we can speak.


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